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Current Students: Testimonials

University of California, Irvine

Cupid Caesar
I am actually swamped with work most of the time but the times that I am not, I am actually enjoying it here so far. The people are very nice and I been playing volleyball and also participating in different activities in my house against other houses. Day before yesterday we had an Iron Chef competition against 3 other houses, and my house won......I did most of the dessert and put the special ingredient in it that gave us the victory..........CINNAMON :) lol. Before that we played American football and won that too. So it was quite fun.  I also forgot to mention that about 2 weeks ago my house played American football against one of the other houses that was also defeated in the Iron Chef competition. And guess what? We won that too...and guess what else........I SCORED THE WINNING TOUCHDOWN TO WIN THE GAME. LOL. Imagine that.
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