The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Dr Alana Griffith
Alana-speaking-story-pic-1.jpgSmart, jovial and full of life are just a few words to describe Dr. Alana Griffith. Dr. Griffith is one of The University’s youngest lecturers.  Alana started tutoring at the University in 2004 and moved on to become a full-time lecturer in 2005; lecturing Introduction to Sociology II, Classical Social Theory, Social Dimensions of Inequality and Marginalization; a course that she developed.  To further her education, Dr. Griffith left UWI to study for her Doctorate in Social Policy in 2008.
Teaching is Alana’s first love and this is evident by the fact that she taught in primary school while studying. She recently published an article on teaching using blended learning in Sociology. University life on the other hand has nutured her outlook and allows for continued learning.  She loves to impart knowledge to her students and uses various ways to do so.  For example, she took her students on a tour to the Psychiatric Hospital, Village Bar at Lemon Arbour and Verdun house.
Alaina preparing for one of her regular workouts at the Cave Hill Campus

Alana’s passion
During the interview, the question was asked how do you balance work and leisure.  Dr. Griffith stated that balance comes naturally because she has a love for everything she is involved in, whether it is aerobics, running, dancing, travelling, reading or baking for fun (not commercially) and enjoying a game of playing volleyball (although she hasn’t  played since secondary school).
Things we didn’t know about Alana:
  • She was a student in 1st – 5th form at Harrison College and continued on to the 6th year at the Lodge Secondary school;
  • She grows and sells Sells flowers and plantains;
  • She won two gold medals, five silver medals and a few bronze medals for the NIFCA Culinary Arts Baking Award and also received a special award for good work on desserts;
  • She attends church regularly;
  • She is a former student of three UWI campuses – started her first degree at the Cave Hill Campus, completed it at the St. Augustine Campus and acquired her Masters at the Mona Campus.
Dr. Griffith is not studying at the moment, but as a result of CARICOM constituting a 10 member Commission to conduct research into the policy on marijuana throughout the Region, Dr.Griffith in her capacity as a CARICOM Commissioner on Marijuana is involved in conducting research on whether marijuana should be decriminalized for medical research, religious or recreational use in the member states.
Alana is very proud of all her accomplishments and the motto she lives by is “think positive".