The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

About Us: Brief Overview

The Human Resources Section

The Appointments Section was officially renamed the Human Resources Section in 2009. This action was not only a renaming but a strategic and transformational decision. This Section, like all other departments and resources is now geared to execute the overall mission. This proactive decision has now placed the Human Resources Section in a strategic position as a strategic partner, where it can now make and change policy. 
This change has been beneficial to the persons who require it most, our employees. One major difference is the change of the title of Senior Assistant Registrar to Director, Human Resources. This name change signalled to the internal and external community that the Human Resources Section has embarked upon a strategic path. As a result, there is more focus on staff development, in the form of more aggressive training, performance appraisal, assessment and evaluation and a conscious effort to retain the best and brightest staff. 
It is understood that the entire transformation of the Section will not happen overnight but the University has taken the first step, by ensuring that the Human Resources Section has a strategic function.

Our Mission Statement

To create a safe working environment which develops an attitude of teamwork, motivates staff while establishing and promoting excellence in service. We intend to communicate this in a professional manner to our diverse workforce while accepting responsibility for best business practices.

Our Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Human Resources Section are:
  •  to establish a recruitment flow process;
  •  to  assess employees in order to reduce turnover and increase productivity;
  •  to provide training which will enhance employee skills and develop their competencies;
  •  to train managers to adequately manage their departments in an effective and efficient manner;
  •  to survey the workforce to find ways to increase loyalty; and
  •  to provide a safe environment according to the Safety and Health at Work Act (SHAW)