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Research Funding for Staff and Research Students
What you can get funding for

The University provides research grants and graduate awards for the following:
  1. Research projects (staff)
  2. Conference participation/research visits (staff and students)
  3. Thesis preparation (students)
  4. Publications (staff)

Funding for Research Projects

Research grants are awarded to Departments/Faculties for research projects that involve research students.  Funding is normally restricted to capital items.


In establishing priorities for a research grants the Campus Committee is guided by the following considerations:
  1. The urgency of the programme/projects
  2. The contribution it is likely to make to the Caribbean region
  3. The likely effect on the further development of graduate studies
  4. Manpower needs within and outside of the University.

How to apply for funding

Research Award application forms for staff are available here
Research Award application forms for research students are available here
These must be fully completed and submitted in triplicate by the prescribed deadline, to the Chair, Campus Committee for Graduate Studies & Research for evaluation by the Postgraduate Research Award Committee which meets three times a year. 

Funds are limited and only complete applications will be considered for candidates who have met the reporting requirement and have gained any IRB approval necessary (see below) . 

Reporting Requirement

The Campus Committee for Graduate Studies and Research requires a report on the expenditure of the grant and the progress of the research project.

Applications for awards will not be considered for any member of staff or student whose reports for any previous award is outstanding.

Staff members should refer to Section XIV of the Rules of Academic Staff, Senior Administrative Staff and Professional Staff (in the PeopleSoft Document Library) which details the policy, administration of funds, procedure and rules of this Fund. 

The staff reporting form can be found here.
The student reporting form can be found here and the Appendix for Postgraduate Student applications click here.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval requirement

The University of the West Indies Office of Research has oversight of research ethics, policies and practices throughout the UWI.  The Office is responsible for ensuring that the University’s policies and procedures on research ethics are implemented and that the University community is educated on the policies and procedures.  The Office is the body responsible for certifying that research projects that have been subjected to ethical review and are conducted according to UWI’s stated guidelines.  The Office will provide the administrative support on individual campuses when feasible.
The Cave Hill Institutional Review Board maintains a Research Ethics website that gives information as to who should submit proposals for review and the process for doing so.

All applications for grant applications must include a statement that the IRB approval has been given for the research where it has been deemed necessary by the IRB.

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