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Research Priorities

The criteria used by The University of the West Indies to determine focal areas for research include:
  • areas in which UWI has strong technical capacity and international credibility;
  • areas of particular relevance to regional development, and;
  • niche areas where the region’s geography and history gives the institution a competitive advantage.

Using these criteria a number of key areas emerge that demand enhanced knowledge acquisition, innovation and intervention. These include but are not limited to:
  • Biotechnology, particularly with respect to Agriculture and Horticulture;
  • Legal Protection and use of Biodiversity, Natural Products and unique Genetic Resources;
  • Cultural Studies and the development of Cultural and Entertainment Industries for tourism promotion;
  • Social, Economic and Legal studies, particularly as they relate to Crime, Security and Justice;
  • Health and Wellness, particularly as they relate to diseases impacting on Caribbean communities and the tourism product;
  • Natural Hazards Management and Disaster Risk Reduction; Natural Resource and Environmental Use and Management, particularly as they relate to Forestry, Fisheries, Water Resources, Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism development and Community Wellness;
  • The feasibility, development and implementation of Alternative Energy;
  • Education, with particular emphasis on innovative approaches to Teacher Training and Development.

The University continues to pursue strategies in support of its research, development and innovation agenda, including building partnerships with government, business, industry and new entrepreneurs (both within and outside of the University).

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