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Gather Supporting Documents

You will need to go through the following list of required supporting documents carefully as more than 1 section will apply to your application. Note that applications are not processed until all supporting documentation has been received.

Documents are to be sent to:

The Senior Assistant Registrar
Office of Graduate Studies and Research
The University of the West Indies
Cave Hill Campus
Cave Hill,
St. Michael,
Barbados, West Indies

Joint UWI/UNB Sport Sciences programmes

If you are interested in applying to the joint UWI/UNB Postgraduate Diploma/ MSc Sport Sciences programmes please note that all applications to these programmes are to be made through the UNB online application system found at:

Please note the following:
  1. You are to apply for the MSESS program at UNB
  2. Your statement of purpose should clearly indicate that you are applying for the joint program.
Required from ALL applicants
  • Referee reports from 2 referees on the prescribed forms (PDF) (WORD)

    Both persons selected as referees will be expected to provide academic references however in certain circumstances one (1) academic referee and one (1) work referee could be accepted.  Note the academic reference must be from a member of the faculty of the University where your Undergraduate degree was completed. 

    These reports must be submitted by the referees under confidential cover to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Office of Graduate Studies and Research.   Note that the reports can be submitted by email to
  • A CV/resume of your job and other experience that is relevant to your desire to pursue the degree programme.
  • Your CV/resume must include the names and email addresses of the two persons selected as your referees. It must also give your Employer Contact information – email and postal address (where this is applicable).
  •  Relevant Professional Certificates/Diplomas obtained from institutions other than UWI (certified or notarised copies)
  • Birth Certificate (certified or notarised copy)

Required from ALL on-line applicants
  • Signed copy of Declaration Page. Please note that this page is presented after you select the "Application is Complete" button.  If the page is not displayed you can download it here.

 Required from ALL non-UWI graduates
  • Marriage Certificate (where applicable) (certified or notarised copy)
  • Legal Affidavit or deed poll if your present name is different from that on the Birth Certificate (certified or notarised copy)
  • Official Transcripts sent directly to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Office of Graduate Studies and Research from the granting institution.  Do not wait to receive acknowledgment of your application before requesting transcripts to be sent on your behalf. Note that a student copy of your transcript cannot be accepted.
Required from applicants to the MSc Project Management and Evaluation programme
A statement of purpose (approx 500 words) outlining your reasons for applying to the programme. Briefly describe your professional plans and how you intend the use the knowledge and skills gained from a M.Sc. degree in Project Management and Evaluation. Your statement of purpose should not cite definitions of Project Management and Evaluation but rather focus on why knowledge in these two areas will enhance your professional development.

Required from all MSc E-Governance programme applicants
A Statement of Purpose (approx. 1000 words) outlining the following:
  • Why you are interested in the programme
  • Your reason for applying to the programme
  • How you will benefit from the programme
  • How you intend to use the knowledge and skills gained from the programme
  • How and Why this programme is applicable to the development of the country
  • How you will use this degree for national development
Your statement of purpose should not cite definitions of E-Governance or Developing States but rather focus on why knowledge in these areas will enhance your professional development.  
Required from all MPHIL, PHD, and DBA applicants
A brief Research proposal (2-3 pages) outlining the area of research, the problem being investigated, the reason you wish to research this area, and the proposed methodology.

Research Applicants
All applicants to research programmes must contact the Faculty / Department directly before submitting a research proposal.  This is necessary to first determine whether current resources exist in the department to support your research.  Use the websites of the relevant Faculties to get contact information and research areas of academic staff members.
Please note that The University reserves the right to request the original of any certified or notarized documents submitted, prior to permitting you to start the programme.


Graduate Studies and Research
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