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For All Students

Handbook and Faculty Graduate Guides

  • New Student's Handbook 2019-2020 | 2018-2019  
  • Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit 2019-2020 |  2018-2019 | 2017-2018 
  • Humanities & Education Graduate Guide 2019-2020 |  2018-2019 | 2017-2018 
  • Law Graduate Guide 2019-2020 |  2018-2019 | 2017-2018 
  • Medical Sciences Graduate Guide 2019-2020 | 2018-2019 | 2017-2018 
  • Science and Technology Graduate Guide 2019-2020 | 2018-2019 | 2017-2018 
  • Social Sciences Graduate Guide 2019-2020 | 2018-2019 | 2017-2018  

Financial Information Handbooks

  • Financial Information for UGC-Funded programmes (PDF)
  • Financial Information for Self-Financing programmes (PDF)

Regulations, Guides and Policies

  • Code of Principles and Responsibilities for Students (PDF)
  • Intellectual Property Rights Policy (PDF)
  • Regulations for Graduate Degrees and Diplomas (PDF)
  • Thesis Guide 
  • Step-by-step guide for the Examination of a Research Paper / Project / Casebook (PDF)
  • Application for Examination of a Research Paper or Project  (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • How to check for Plagiarism
  • University Policy on Plagiarism (PDF)
  • Graduate Coursework Accountability Statement (PDF)

Scholarships and Funding

  • Application for Postgraduate Scholarship (complete in triplicate) (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • Application for CCRIF Scholarship  (PDF)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship Referee Report Form (2 reports required) (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • CCRIF Scholarship Referee Report Form (PDF)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship Emolument Form (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • Postgraduate Student Research Award Application Form (complete in triplicate) (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • Appendix for Postgraduate Student Applications (PDF)
  • Student Reporting Form (PDF)

Forms for general requests


Additional forms and guidelines for Research Students

  • Supervisor's Progress Report of Research Students (PDF) (MS WORD
  • Student Assessment of Teaching (PDF)
  • Graduate Studies Guide for Students and Supervisors (PDF)
  • Process to upgrade from MPhil to PhD (PDF)  
  • Guidelines for the Preparation of Manuscript Based Theses (PDF)
  • Step-by-step guide for the Examination of a Thesis (PDF)
  • Application for Examination of a Thesis (PDF)
  • Recommendation for Thesis Titles and Examiners (PDF) (MS WORD)
  • Certificate of Completion of Thesis/Research Paper/Project (PDF) (WORD)
  • Declaration for Reproduction of Thesis/Research Paper/Project (PDF)

Schedule of Research Award committee meetings to end of Semester 1, 2018-2019
Applicable to:            Postgraduate students; Academic, Senior Administrative and Professional staff

Meeting Considers
Completed applications received by 4:30 pm1 on:

Will be processed at the meeting of:
 Campus Research  Awards Committee  Award of research funds  for Staff and Research  Students Friday August 31, 2018
Thursday September 13, 2018

at 10:00 am
Friday January 4, 2019
Tuesday January 15, 2019

at 2:00 pm

Friday April 26, 2019

Thursday May 9, 2019

at 10:00 am

Applications received after the deadline dates for any meeting will be considered at the subsequent meeting of the relevant Committee.


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