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The Programme

About the Programme

A placement or work experience is an excellent way to help you to stand out from the crowd. Not only will it enable you to develop many skills that graduate employers look for when recruiting, it will assist you in putting the theory behind your degree into practice.
This programme gives young graduates the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and experience while getting firsthand experience of life in a real working environment.
A scheme of this nature is one of the best ways for graduates to improve their employability and begin a successful career.
Employers will also have the opportunity of acquiring employees who are willing to learn, bring fresh ideas, are innovative thinkers, have ambitious attitudes and can be molded to meet the organisation’s objectives.



Candidates in their first or second year following graduation must have a winning attitude, GPA of at least 3.0; excellent people and communication skills, ability to think outside the box and availability to participate in the various prerequisite phases.


How to Apply

Step 1 - Submit Curriculum Vitae/Résumé
Graduates are invited to submit their Curriculum Vitae or Resume with an expression of interest in a specific job. Click here to complete the Online Application Form » 


Step 2 - Assessment Interviews
Having successfully met the initial requirements, applicants are assessed by an interview which seeks the suitable fit for the programme by determining interests, career goals and to determine a partner organisation that is compatible with their completed course of study. Following this evaluation, they are invited to participate in a mandatory Career Development Workshop.
Step 3 - The Career Development Workshop
Prior to embarking upon the placement with a partner organisation, the successful applicant will attend the one-day Career Development Workshop that is intended to bridge the gap between academic study and the world of work. The session will be facilitated by the Alumni Career Services Specialist, in collaboration with other members of the Committee of Management of the Alumni Association.


Step 4 - Placement

Step 5 - Mentoring and Support
A list of mentors will be provided by the UWI-Office of Student, Corporate and Alumni Relations (OSCAR).  These individuals will make themselves available to mentor graduates along various career paths. The list will be contingent upon the resources that are at the disposal of the UWI-OSCAR. Mentees will be ‘paired’ with mentors with the skill sets for which they require mentoring. Mentors will have a maximum of two (2) mentees and provide structured guidance along a personal development and career path. The Mentor will be responsible for developing a structured mentorship plan with key goals and objectives that are SMART.
The Mentor will make quarterly reports to the UWI-OSCAR on the progress of their mentorship.

UWI Graduate Placement Programme
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