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Resume or Curriculum Vitae – What’s the difference?

The Resume and Curriculum Vitae are two different documents and are used for different purposes in most cases.

The Resume

The Resume is usually succinct and traditionally is captured on one (1) page and in very few cases would run up to two (2) pages. Its aim is to provide the reader with information about you in a ‘snap shot’ and is not intended to be extensive in any way. Any additional details required will be sought from the applicant.

Key segments of the Resume include:
  • An Objective
  • Work Experience (usually two most recent positions)
  • Education (usually just tertiary or technical education relevant to the position being applied for)
  • Special Training Summary (list of any special relevant training)
  • Technical Skills (Computer skills, etc.)

This document is ideal for an individual who has limited experience and may well not have a lot of information to document. Organizations may usually request it for more entry level or junior positions.

The Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae is a more detailed document and based upon the experience of the author, may run into several pages. It expands on information that may just be briefly noted in the Resume. The purpose of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) is to provide detailed information about the author’s experience, education, skills and other special abilities.

Unlike the Resume where the author would list their last two or three jobs, it is expected that the author of the CV list their entire work experiences. This document provided the prospective employer with detailed information which is used to assess the suitability of the applicant. Key segments of the CV may include the following:

  • Personal Details
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills Summary
  • Education
  • Work Experiences
  • Special Awards
  • Achievements
  • Publications
  • Affiliations
  • References
Note that the order of this information may vary based upon the personal taste of the author. This document is ideal for an individual who is experienced and may have significant information to document. Organizations may usually request it for mid-level to senior-level positions.

Special Note: You should always have an ‘updated’ copy of a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae. If an ad for a vacancy specifically asks for a Resume, never send a Curriculum Vitae in its place.

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