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Dr. Daniele Bobb

Dr. Daniele Bobb



Daniele Bobb is a Lecturer in the Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit, at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill.
Her PhD thesis focused on women’s negotiation and navigation of motherhood and work within a neo-liberal context. She completed a BSc. Psychology with Political Science (First Class Honours) and a Masters of Philosophy in Political Science at the Cave Hill Campus.
Dr. Bobb’s research and academic interests include gender and development, government and social policies, mothering, women and work. In this vein, she assisted with updating the Gender Equality Policy and Operational Strategy at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and has worked on many regional research projects including the compilation of data on gender relations, and a critical analysis, review and evaluation of existing National Gender Policies and Action Plans across CARICOM under the ‘Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project


PhD - Gender and Development Studies, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill (The Unviersity of the West Indies Post-Graduate scholarship)

MPhil - Political Science, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill (The University of the West Indies Post-Graduate scholarship)

BSc - Psychology with Political Science, First Class Honours

Certificate in Trade and Gender, UNCTAD, Geneva

Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (ongoing)

Research Areas

Women and Work
Gender and Religion
Gender and Education
Gender and Social Policies

Teaching Areas


GEND 3705 Gender and Sexuality
GEND 2501 Women, Leadership and Change in Developing Countries
GEND 1103 Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge in Women's Studies
GEND 2005 Crimes by and Against Women: Theories, Evidence and Popular Portrayals
GEND 3701 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Theoretical Perspectives
GEND 2015 Gender, Sexuality and Race in Caribbean Culture


GEND 6710 Issues in Caribbean Feminism and Gender Relations
GEND 6402 Gender, Political Activism and Mobilization

Modules taught in the Caribbean Institute for Gender and Development (CIGAD):
Feminist Theories of Labour, Capitalism and Social Reproduction
Feminist Theorising of Labour and Social Reproduction
Feminist Theorising of Sexuality, Reproduction. and the Body


Select Publications

Book (co-authored)
Bissessar, Ann Marie., Boodram, Cheryl Ann., Bobb, Daniele, 2021. Marginalized Groups in the Caribbean: Gender, Policy, and Society. Lanham: Lexington (Rowman and Littlefield).
Chapters contributed:

  1. Chapter Two - Caribbean Political Leadership and Policy Development
  2. Chapter Eight - Movement of Caribbean People: Voices of CARICOM Mothers
  3. Chapter Nine - Caribbean Women and the State: Legal, Regulatory and Policy Considerations
  4. Chapter Ten - The Child as the 'Ideal Neo-Liberal Citizen': Perspectives from Caribbean Mothers

Daniele Bobb, 2015. Deconstructing Continuous Teacher Education through the Lens of Gender Equality in a Global Age. Journal Eastern Caribbena Studies, 40(3), pp.62-85.

Mothering in Neo-liberal Contexts: Caribbean Women's Experiences, In Black Transnational Feminism and Pedagogy: Worldmaking through Cross Border Collaboration, edited by Andrea Baldwin and Tonya Haynes. Oxfordshire, England: Routledge. Forthcoming, 2022.

Bobb, Daniele and Worrell, Leigh-Ann. “COVID-19 and Vulnerable Groups: Experiences of the LGBTQ+ Community in Barbados”. Gender Companion to Gender and COVID-19, edited by Linda C. McClain and Aziza Ahmed. Oxfordshire, England: Routledge. Forthcoming, 2022.

Bobb, Daniele. COVID-19: Navigating Motherhood, Work and Unrealistic Expectations, in COVID-19 and the Caribbean edited by Roberts, Sherma., Deshong, Halimah., Grenade, Wendy., and Devonish, Dwayne. Forthcoming.

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