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Dr. Crawford’s work centers the diasporic and transnational experiences of Caribbean people on the move. She received her PhD in Women’s Studies from York University, Canada, where she also taught part-time in the School of Women’s Studies and the Faculty of Humanities. She has also participated in many activities in Toronto, Canada around anti-racist, feminist and human rights issues.
Dr. Crawford’s research interests include gender and sexuality in the Caribbean, transnational motherhood, migration, domestic work and post-colonial/queer/feminist theorizing. Her research has produced works such as “Sexually Undone: A Review of Sex and Citizen Interrogating the Caribbean” (2014); “‘It’s a Girl Thing’ Problematizing Female Sexuality, Gender and Lesbophobia in Caribbean Culture” (2012); and “Who is Your Mama? Transnational Motherhood and African Women in the Diaspora”(2012).
Dr. Crawford also maintains a strong commitment to social justice.  Her involvement as Chair of the National Gender Advisory Committee, the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group and the Caribbean Policy Development Centre’s Project Steering Committee for Domestics and Artisans (CSME) has been purposeful in centering gender in public policy. Whether she is “teaching to transgress” or seeking to transform, the IGDS: NBU has been a perfect space for her to develop and promote what she loves to do most: teach and produce new knowledge!


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