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Research and Publications: Working Papers Series

Purpose of Working Paper Series

The goal of the Working Paper Series is to encourage debate and disseminate information on a wide range of issues on feminisms, masculinity and gender studies and how these intersect with issues of Caribbean Development. Our Working Paper Series features writers such as Eudine Barriteau, Alissa Trotz, Linden Lewis and Kamala Kempadoo.

Working Papers Available Online:

Working Paper No.17, March 2018. What Love has to do with it? Sexuality, Intimacy and Power in Contemporary Caribbean Gender Relations.
By: Violet Eudine Barriteau. ISBN: 978-976-621-173-8          


How to Purchase Working Papers

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What Working Papers are Available

Working Paper No 17, 2013. What Love has to do with it? Sexuality, Intimacy and Power in Contemporary Caribbean Gender Relations. 
By: Eudine Barriteau.  ISBN:  978-976-621-176-0.
Working Paper No 16, 2011 Power, Labour, Pleasure: Sexuality in Everyday Life. 
By: Kamala Kempadoo.  ISBN: 978-976-621-166-3.
Working Paper No 15, 2009 Women’s Leadership in our Globalized Society: A Critical Look. 
By: Elsa Tamez.  ISBN: 978-976-621-162-2.
Working Paper No 14, 2008 Gender, Generation and Memory: Remembering A Future Caribbean. 
By: Alissa Trotz ISBN: 978-976-621-157-4.
Working Paper No.13, 2005 Unsettling Masculinity in the Caribbean: Facing a Future Without Guarantees. 
By: Linden Lewis ISBN: 976-621-129-9.
Working Paper No. 12, 2004 Women and Islam in Africa in the 21stCentury: An African Feminist Perspective. 
By: Fatou Sow ISBN: 976-621-135-3.
Working Paper No.11, 2004 The Darker Side of Black Mas(K)Ulinities: The Representation of the Black Male in Film
By: Kelvin Quintyne ISBN: 976-621-128-0.
Working Paper No.10, 2003 Producers, Reproducers and Rebels: Grenadian Slave Women 1783-1838.
By: Nicole Phillip ISBN: 976-621-115-9.
Working paper No. 9, 2003 Changing Skill Demands in Manufacturing and the Impact on Caribbean Female Workers.
By: Daphne Jayasingh ISBN: 976-621-096-9.
Working paper No.8, 2002 In Memory of my Ancestors: Contributions of Afro-Jamaican Female Migrants in Port Limón, Costa Rica 1872-1890. 
By: Carmen Hutchinson Miller ISBN: 976-621-097-7.
Working Paper No. 7, 2002 Impunity, Masculinity and Heterosexism in the Discourse on Male Endangerment:  An African Feminist Perspective.
By: Patricia McFadden  ISBN: 976-621-092-6.
Working Paper No. 6, 2001  Whither Work? A Comparative Analysis of Women in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Canada in the New Era of Globalization.
By: Ann Denis  ISBN: 976-621-091-8.
Working Paper No. 5, 2001 When the Closet is a Region: Homophobia, Heterosexism and Nationalism in the Commonwealth Caribbean.
By: Tara Atluri  ISBN: 976-621-090-X.
Working Paper No. 4, 2000 Examining the Issues of Male Marginalisation and Masculinity in the Caribbean: Policy Implications.
By: V. Eudine Barriteau  ISBN: 976-021-059-4.
Working Paper No. 3, 2000 Nuancing Globalisation or Mainstreaming the Downstream or Reforming Reform.
By: Devaki Jain ISBN: 976-621-058-6.
Working Paper No. 2, 1999 Women and Higher Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean: UWI: A Progressive Institution for Women?
By: Marlene Hamilton  ISBN: 976- 621-037-3.
Working Paper No.1, 1998 Engendering Local Government in the Commonwealth Caribbean.
By: V. Eudine Barriteau ISBN: 976B8083-07-5.


" While remembering can enable us to historicize contemporary exclusions and recognize our own 'implicatedness,' it can also serve a more hopeful purpose. If we start with the gendered lives and survival strategies of women and men, their uneven circulation and mobility stitch the Caribbean together in ways that make it impossible to insist on seperability over connection. The fact that earlier migration patterns tend to be heavily male, should not distract us from thinking about where the women went and what they did. "
Gender, Generation and Memory: Remembering a Future Caribbean, Alissa Trotz

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