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IGDS: NBU collaborates with State institutions, non-state actors and grassroots organisations and activists in public education efforts throughout the year. Here is a snapshot of some of our most recent initiatives:

The LIVITY Project

The LIVITY Project is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) capacity strengthening initiative led by The Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit in collaboration with the Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD) and the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE). It was officially launched on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at The Hilton Barbados.
The LIVITY Project four-year initiative is funded by the European Union. Beneficiary countries are: Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda. The project’s main initiatives comprise of a CSO incubator, Groundings sessions, a leadership academy and an annual policy forum.
The objective of this initiative is to meaningfully address marginalisation, discrimination and exclusion of persons with disabilities, LGBTI Caribbean citizens, women, girls, youth and the elderly in national and regional decision-making processes through enhancing CSO capacity and participation.

Preserving the Legacy of Caribbean Women

The Caribbean Policy Development Centre, in collaboration with the Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit and University of the West Indies TV partnered on a project titled Preserving the Legacy of Caribbean Women. The project ran from June to November 2017. This multimedia project comprised a series of recorded interviews with women from Barbados and the wider Caribbean speaking candidly about their work in the areas of education, community development, development work, healthcare and politics. The women interviewed were:
  • Sophia Greaves-Broome – development practitioner
  • Dame Billie Miller – former parliamentarian
  • Margaret Gill – poet and mental health advocate
  • Cecilia Babb – development practitioner
  • Shamelle Rice – founder, Jabez House
  • Blondelle Mullin – nurse and healthcare advocate
  • Annette Beckett – farmer and community development practitioner
  • Nalita Gadjadhar – women’s advocate
  • Professor Eudine Barriteau – Principal and Pro Vice Chancellor, The UWI Cave Hill
  • Jennifer Walker - actress
  • Dr Ermine Belle - psychiatrist
The recorded interviews are telecast via UWITv as a series named “Voices of Women” and are aired throughout the Caribbean region and the diaspora. Leigh-Ann Worrell and Karen Philip conducted the interviews for the series.
The project was launched on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, and also formed part of the IGDS: NBU’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence activities.


" By denying or refusing the myriad unscripted ways in which people chance upon, live and love each other, different categories of belonging are created, rendering some families less normal or less valued. This is similar, by the way, to how we tend to think of households headed by women as secondary to the nuclear/male breadwinner family, despite the fact that they represent the family experience of over forty percent of children in the region, or the laws that outlaw lesbian and gay sex and make criminals and non-citizens out of all of us whose desires refuse to be strai(gh)tjacketed. "
Gender, Generation and Memory: Remembering a Future Caribbean, Alissa Trotz

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