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Faculty of Science and Technology

Celebration of the Girls in ICT Day

Girls in ICT Day, is celebrated around the world during the month of April each year, and our Faculty has been participating in this special celebration for a few years now. 

Below are a few submissions we would like to share with you, from some of our very own FST students, regarding why they love ICT:
Submission #1

Hi, I’m Dara Sandy, and I am Majoring in Computer Science at the University of the West Indies (UWI) – Cave Hill Campus!

Computer Science is one of the things that drive my soul. It isn’t just coding and hardware. It inspires creativity, new ideas and keeps you on your toes! It opens so many doors that lead you on the path to be a part of something greater than what is happening now. It prepares you for the future, your future.  No matter where you go or what you do, technology will find its way and I’ll be waiting eagerly.  There are so many aspects to it that anyone will find an area they love! It challenges you and pushes you to do even better than you thought you could. Gaming, social media, building phones, launching rockets, it plays a part. It takes you places that you want to be. What’s not to love about ICT?
Dara Sandy
Submission #2

Hi, I’m Janeel King, and I am a Final Year BSc. Information Technology and Accounting Student.

Below kindly see the link to my video on “Why I Love ICT”:

Janeel King
Submission #3

Hi, I am Tennille Graham, and I am a Computer Science Single Major Student.

See my poem below on Why I Love ICT:
Why I love ICT, well there are a few reasons but I will give five.
First of all, fixing errors in code is a challenge that makes me feel alive.
Second is strange but altogether true,
I just wanted to prove I could do anything a guy could do.
Now we have come to reason number three,
And that’s simply that there is no other field in which I’d like to be.
I realise this rhyme seems quite juvenile but hopefully it isn’t a bore.
My fervent interest in Computational Linguists, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality is reason number four.
Lastly, the fifth reason and the end of my attempt to write good poetry,
There is always something new to learn, and as silly as it sounds it feels like it was meant to be… Destiny…
And that is Why I Love ICT!

Tennille Graham
The slogan for Girls in ICT Day:  "Expand Horizons, Change Attitudes"! 

So let us all play our part in continuing to encourage more of our young girls and women to pursue their studies and careers in the area of ICT, as there are so many exciting and wonderful opportunities available to them out there in the ICT industry.


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