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Faculty of Science and Technology

FST Innovation (FINO) Award

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Innovation Award (FINO Award) recognizes an outstanding, innovative and out-of-the-box project or initiative created by a student or students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Cave Hill.

The objectives of the award are to:
  • Support the Faculty’s Science for ALL philosophy.
  • Promote the applied sciences. o Encourage the development of leadership skills.
  • Encourage connected thinking, creativity and outof-the-box thinking.
  • To remove the fear and stigma surrounding different ways of thinking and approaches when resolving problems. In other words, “Dare to be Different”.
  • Encourage students to use science and technology to resolve local, community problems.
  • To encourage the use of the varying skills and abilities of all persons across society (diversity).
  • To serve as a platform to promote crossfaculty/cross-department collaboration.

Examples of Innovation:
  • Unique solution to a problem encountered in the lab (course or research).
  • Unique solution to a problem in a class or tutorial.
  • Unique solution at an external location such as field trip, home, charity, community etc.

All solutions must be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based and verifiable (can be proven that the student implemented the solution).

Uniqueness can be an entirely new approach or the use of a known solution in an unexpected scenario.

The award will consist of BDS $500.00 in either cash or vouchers. This will depend on whether the student is enrolled or just graduated. The name of the student will be added to a plaque in the Faculty Office and highlighted in the Faculty’s social and regular forms of media.

We have also created a separate category in the competition that awards innovations which focus on improving the lives of persons with disabilities. The winner of this category will be awarded BDS$300.00 (in cash/vouchers).

1. One award will be given each academic year.
2. An individual student or a group of students can participate.
3. There is no maximum group size.
4. A group submission must include a group name.
5. In the case of a group, each student must be enrolled in a programme in a recognized tertiary institution.
6. In the case of a group submission, at least one student must be enrolled in a FST programme and must be the primary contributor and leader.
7. The lead student or individual student must be enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Technology.
8. The lead student or individual student must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student.
9. The lead student or individual student must be enrolled in a full degree, diploma or certificate program. Enrollment in short courses is not included.
10. Students who have completed their programme of study must have graduated during the academic year under consideration.
11. Submissions from the private sector can only be used if the lead student or individual student is enrolled in one of the Faculty’s internship/professional courses.
12. Submissions can be text, audio and/or video. However, visual evidence in the form of text, pictures or video must be submitted for verification purposes.
13. Submissions must be sent to and copied to
14. Submissions must be made from a valid email address. All other submissions will be rejected.
15. Submissions must be accompanied by the FST Innovation Award submission form (which is available at

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