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Faculty of Science and Technology


The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) brings together over 60 Faculty members, 52+ staff and over 1050 students at the undergraduate and post graduate levels, offering programmes in various disciplines.  In addition, there are also a number of MSc Programmes available through the School for Graduate Studies and Research.

The FST also offers programmes with the Faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities and Education, e.g., Computer Science & Accounting, Computer Science and Management, Biology and Psychology, Biology with Education, just to name a few.  For full details on these joint majors, please refer to the Faculty Handbook.
In the undergraduate BSc. programmes, courses are offered in all major scientific disciplines, with first year courses also taught at Tertiary Level Colleges in Antigua and St. Lucia. Students may major in one or two disciplines and current enrolment in the Faculty is approximately one thousand undergraduates, most of whom are full-time students. Through collaboration with the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH), the Faculty also offers a Major in Meteorology within the BSc. degree.
The Faculty also offers MSc. programmes in various fields. CERMES offers a MSc. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management, as well as a MSc. in Renewable Energy Management.  The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics offers a series of taught Masters programmes from the discipline of Computer Science (e.g., the Dip./MSc. in Technology Entrepreneurship; MSc. in Computing Research; and the Dip./MSc. in Information Technology). The Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences offers a taught Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in BioSafety. Science graduates can also register for the research degrees of MPhil. and PhD. under the supervision of a member of the Academic Staff.
Faculty of Science and Technology
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