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Upcoming FST Postgraduate Seminar - Mr. Taton David - April 23, 2024!!
🌟 Exciting Postgraduate Seminar Alert! 🌟

📅 Mark your calendars, and join us, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), next week Tuesday, April 23, 2024 from 2pm to 3pm for the second Postgraduate Seminar to be held by Mr. Taton David - MPhil Student in Physics in our Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics (CMP)! 🎉

🔍 Title: Efficient Calculation of Network Information

🔬 Abstract: A novel method for calculating the decomposition of the multi-information in a network is described, and several examples are examined. The method partitions the network information into units pertaining to groups of elements by measuring the decrease in the distribution entropy as new constraints are included. On the one hand, it is equivalent to the "connected information’’ introduced by Schneidman et al., but goes further as one can isolate specific groups of n network elements rather than averaging over all collections of n elements. The method is computationally straightforward to implement, as it involves a sampling of distribution averages that can be determined, for example, through a genetic algorithm.💡

👨‍🏫 Supervisor: Prof. Tane Ray
🤝 Advisors: Dr. Carlos Hunte and Dr. Peter Chami

🔍 Bio: Taton David is a STEM enthusiast. In 2021, he graduated from the University of The West Indies Cave Hill campus (UWI) with a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Mathematics. Now, he is enrolled as a Master of Philosophy student in Physics. His passion for STEM spreads beyond academia as he continues to engage his friends and followers on social media with fun STEM facts and explainer videos, as well as interesting quizzes.

Currently, Mr. David serves as the Resident Assistant for the Sir Keith Hunte Hall. He is also a student leader and advocate. During his undergraduate tenure, he engaged in many aspects of student life on campus. He was the Faculty of Science and Technology Representative in 2019/2020 on the Guild of Students and the President of the Saint Lucian Students’ Association at Cave Hill in 2020/2021. Taton has also been active in several other clubs and associations most notably being a senior ambassador for the Vice-Chancellor of the University of The West Indies Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (UWI STAT) corps.

Taton’s dream is to become a Physicist and positively impact the world through science. Through this UWI journey, he hopes it takes him one step closer to his goals.

The Zoom Link Details are provided below:

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 942 1295 8515
Passcode: 210214

All are invited to Taton's online seminar!

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