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Happy Administrative Professionals Day to All our FST Administrative and Secretarial Staff - April 24, 2024!!
On this special day (April 24, 2024) – “Administrative Professionals Day”, we (the FST Cave Hill Team) take this opportunity to extend our warmest wishes to each and every one of our Administrative and Secretarial Staff. Your hard work, dedication and professionalism are truly appreciated.

In the fast-paced environment of our Faculty, you are the steady hands that keep everything running smoothly. Your attention to detail, efficiency and grace under pressure make you all invaluable members of our FST Team.

So, today, let’s celebrate all that you, as Administrative and Secretarial Professionals, do to support our Faculty.

Thank you all for your continued efforts and commitment.
Here’s to Wishing you all a Wonderful and Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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