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The Marble Mathematics Madness (M3) Competition: A ForSci Event

As part of the upcoming NERD Day prequels, the Faculty is having a "The Marble Mathematics Madness (M3) Competition - A ForSci Event". This competition is a part of the "Don't Skip the Science" or "ForSci" initiative.

For the competition, you have to determine how many marbles are in the jar provided by working out the answer using Mathematics.

Below are a few hints to help with determining the answer
  1. The jar can contain 1000ml. of liquid.
  2. The jar is cylindrical with a diameter of 10cms. and a height of 17cms.
  3. The marbles come in three (3) sizes - The Very Large Marbles are 3.5cms.; The Large Marbles are 2.45 cms.; and the Regular Marbles are 1.7cms.
  4. There are more regular marbles than large ones, and the Ratio is 8.64:1 or for every 1 large marble, there is 8.64 regular marbles.
  5. There are exactly two (2) very large marbles in the jar.
The jar of marbles is located in the FST Faculty Office for viewing. On NERD Day - Friday, February 28, 2020, the jar will be located in the 3W's Pavilion. NOTE:  No pictures of the jar can be taken in the FST Faculty Office or in the 3Ws Pavilion on the day of the competition and NERD Day.

A picture of the jar is provided below:

The winner of the Marble Mathematics Madness (M3) Competition will be selected using the following algorithm: 
  1. The submissions are ordered by distance from the actual number of marbles. For example, those who guess the correct number are listed first. Then followed by those who missed the total by +/- 1 and so on.
  2. Once ordered, the first list is chosen and a winner is selected.
  3. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges and will essentially be judged based on the most optimized and accurate technique used.
  4. If a valid winner cannot be found, the next list is examined and so on.
An entry is considered invalid if the Mathematics used is incorrect.
The prize for this competition is a BDS $100.00 Campus Bookshop voucher OR a movie voucher for the Olympus Cinema.
Email your solution to

NOTE:  Submissions close at 3:00 pm on Friday, February 28, 2020, and the winner will be announced on March 31, 2020. 
Let's see who will be the first to come up with the correct Mathematics Solution!
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