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Faculty of Science and Technology


The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) has embarked on a project to improve the overall student experience from the first registration to graduation. The project is called FUSE-IT (FST Undergraduate Student Experience Initiative).
FUSE-IT is the fusing of the internet, technology, information, communication and feedback to build a Faculty Community that enhances the student experience. This includes a variety of areas, such as student feedback, online study tools, mobile apps and internet-based communication tools.

The Faculty Office has begun a number of initiatives aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of students.  For example:
  • Computer Science Society (CSS) Computer Science students now have the opportunity to advance their practical skills beyond what is learnt in the classroom.  The club also provides opportunities to improve the soft skills needed for the world of work.
  • Chemistry Society (ChemSoc): This society seeks to increase the passion and enthusiasm among the students who are pursuing the discipline of Chemistry.
Faculty of Science and Technology
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