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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Presentation Videos

Mr. Christopher Goodluck - AQUASENSE The Remote Environmental Monitoring System

Dr. Shamar Ward – A Software Architecture For Repurposing Cell Phones For Use In A Smart City Context.

Mr. Emar Edwards  -  Raspberry Pi and The Transportation Network

Mr. Brandon Spooner  -  Research using Oculus VR System

Mr. Damian  Garnes  -  The Effects of Vernacular on Remote Social  Human Robot Interaction

Mr. Kashawn Hall  -  A Technical Study Of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion For Barbados

Mr. McCarthy  -   A Fireside Chat

Mr. Stephen Mendez  -  A Practical Presentation Of Electronics

The CMP Department Through the Years. Mr. Peter Gibbs, Dr. Jeffery Elcock, Dr. Thomas Edward and Dr. Carlos Hunte.