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Thomas Rogers
Title: Lecturer
Department: CMP
Discipline: Physics
PhD - Performance Assessment of Micro-wind Turbines in the Built Environment (Nottingham, UK)
MSc - Renewable Energy Systems Technology (Loughborough, UK)
BEng - Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology (Warwick, UK)

Contact: Email: thomas.rogers@cavehill.uwi.edu
Direct line: +1246 417 4158
Fax: +1246 417 4597

Teaching Areas: Renewable Energy Resources
Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Physics
Biography: A mechanical engineer by training, Dr Tom Rogers has been based in CMP at The University of the West Indies since December 2009. He teaches renewable energy resources and the fundamentals of PV physics and is the programme coordinator for the Department’s MSc in Renewable Energy Management. He is technical advisor to the DIREKT project and is assisting in the establishment of a renewable energy laboratory at the campus. He was the energy consultant to the Government of Barbados and UNEP “Green Economy Scoping Study”, undertaken by staff from across the University.

Prior to this role he was a member of the research team with the University of Nottingham’s prestigious Creative Energy Homes project, a unique showcase of innovative state-of-the-art energy efficient homes of the future. His PhD research was focused on the 'Siting and Performance Assessment of Micro Wind Turbines in the Built Environment’. He has an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from the internationally acclaimed Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology at the University of Loughborough.

Research: Small-scale wind turbines
Renewable energy technologies in SIDS

Book/Journal/Report Title
T. Rogers, K Chmutina, L Moseley, (2012), The potential of PV installations in SIDS – an example in the island of Barbados, Management of Environmental Quality – Renewable Energy in African, Caribbean and Pacific states. Vol 23 (3).
T. Rogers, S. Omer. (2012). The effect of turbulence on noise emissions from a micro-scale horizontal axis wind turbine. Renewable Energy. Vol 41.
T. Rogers, S. Omer. 2012. Yaw analysis of a micro-scale horizontal-axis wind turbine operating in turbulent wind conditions. Vol 7 (2).
Green Economy Scoping Study - Synthesis Report BARBADOS. (2012). United Nations Environment Program, The University of the West Indies, The Government of Barbados. [Energy sector consultant]
T Rogers. 2012. Briefing Paper on Energy in the Caribbean. 7th CARICOM-UK Forum. St George’s, Grenada, January.
T Rogers, K Chmutina. 2012. Past and Present Green Economy Initiatives, and Capacity Building and Financial Mechanisms for the Future Development of the Barbados Energy Sector. International Conference on Technology Transfer on Renewable Energy (ICTTRE 2012). 21-22 June 2012. Mauritius

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Ramon Sargeant, Lecturer

Stephen Mendes, Lecturer

Sujit Bag, Lecturer

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