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Computer Science
Dwaine Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Mechelle Gittens, Lecturer

Curtis Gittens, Lecturer

Paul Walcott, Lecturer

Jeffrey Elcock, Lecturer

John Charlery, Lecturer

Hussein Thompson, Lecturer

Thomas Edward, Lecturer

Colin Depradine, Dean and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Adrian Als, Deputy Dean, Lecturer

Bernd Sing, Lecturer

Carlos Hunte, Lecturer

Tane Ray, Professor of Theoretical Physics

Thomas Rogers, Lecturer

Upindranath Singh, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Janak Sodha, Head of Department & Senior Lecturer in Physics & Electronics

Ramon Sargeant, Lecturer

Stephen Mendes, Lecturer

Sujit Bag, Lecturer

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Department of Computer Science Mathematics & Physics
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