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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics


As we consider the future and attempt to sketch the direction of exciting new solutions to the challenges that impact our daily lives, we might find ourselves writing an episode of the next Star Trek™ series, or laying out technology to be used in a Mission Impossible™ movie, a script for the the Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics Department at the UWI Cave Hill. However, we are indeed at the crossroads of imagination and reality. Our department will turn nuisances into resources, with an example being the use of Sargassum Seaweed as fuel for vehicles. We will see CMP contributing to its community, with those with physical limitations utilizing prosthetic aids that are accessible to those with limited funds who have weaknesses or debilitating injury to limbs. Our research will see endearing robots assisting in our communities in situations such as support the elderly as companions in situations where they may be shut-in due to the prevalence of viral illnesses.
On the horizon are smart campuses, towns and centres that utilize sensors in road signs and vehicles to help with traffic or ambulance routing; and medicine vials that track medication to manage compliance and reduce health crises for those with menacing Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDs).
As we look behind and ahead, we recognize the scientific exploration done by the scientists and students in the Department of the Computer Science Mathematics and Physics (CMP) covers many of the needs on the horizon. We also recognize that our curriculums evolve with the experience of the researchers exploring these very relevant problems and bringing them to the classroom.