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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics


Diploma/MSc Information Technology

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About the Programme

The MSc. Information Technology programme is a revision of the MSc. Computing Innovation programme. The new name reflects its emphasis on cultivating students’ ability to use Computer Science as a pathway to developing innovative technological solutions for local, regional and global organisations. The programme offers specializations in the areas of Enterprise Systems, Mobile Application Development and Web Development.

The Postgraduate Diploma is integrated into the Master's programme so that students enrolled in the diploma programme can easily transition to the Master's programme any time they desire. The content for the Postgraduate Diploma consists of the core courses and one additional course from the courses on offer.


What Will I Study?

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Cutting-edge projects are crucial to the success of the Master's programme. We will be partnering with a number of technology companies in Barbados and around to world to bring students interesting and challenging projects that have real-world impact. These projects will expose students to technologies and problems that rely on the knowledge gained in the programme as well as expose them to tools, techniques and technologies that go well beyond any thing that can be taught in the classroom.

Additional Information

  • At the end of the taught component of an M.Sc. degree it is necessary for students to consolidate their knowledge and demonstrate their mastery of the taught materials. The capstone project is one way for students to consolidate this knowledge by allowing them to pursue research or a project in their area of specialisation. The capstone project is a substantive project lasting for six-months. In this course students will undertake a project either a) for an organisation, b) based on a research topic, or c) identified by the student(s) individually or in collaboration with a supervisor(s). ​
  • This project will require the student(s) to a) build an application and report on it, or b) conduct a piece of research and write a research paper, for example create and evaluate/prove a theoretical model/framework or complete a substantive research study. Students may or may not pursue the commercialisation of their projects. In addition, students pursuing a research project are required to complete the Kick-Starting your Research workshop.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Postgraduate
  • Qualification: MSc
  • Duration: Full Time 1 year or Part Time 2 years


Programme Details

These are the core courses that every student enrolled in the programme takes. These exciting courses form an important foundation for the programme specializations. The dates below are approximate and will change based on scheduling and resource requirements.

  1. Big Data Analytics
  2. Capstone Project Prep
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. IT Project Management
  5. Fundamentals of Secure Software Design
  6. Starting a High-Tech Company
  7. System Administration
  8. System Quality Assurance
  9. Specializations

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For further information on the Masters (MSc.) and/or Postgraduate Diploma programmes in Information Technology please refer to  the 2020-2021  Postgraduate Students Handbook.  


Entry into the Postgraduate Diploma and M.Sc. Information Technology requires at least a lower second-class honours bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or Information Technology.

  • Candidates without the entry requirements but with a lower second-class degree in another discipline must successfully complete COMP1205 Computing I or its equivalent to enrol in the programme.
  • Candidates seeking to take the Web Development specialization must successfully complete COMP2145 Software Engineering or its equivalent to enrol in the programme.
Applicants who do not possess the above entry requirements, but have significant industry experience will be considered on an individual basis. Since it is possible to complete individual courses rather than enrol in the programme, all applicants should ensure that they have the prerequisite knowledge and skills for the courses they intend to read.


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