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CMP Open Day a Success
On October 28th, the Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics (CMP) Department hosted a number of interesting talks geared towards current students, future students and the general public. This was run as part of the 37th Anniversary Celebrations of the Faculty of Science and Technology here at The UWI, Cave Hill.
CMP had a number of excellent speakers such as Captain Karl Branch from the Barbados Port Inc. and Mr. Ricardo McCarthy a Computing Consultant from the UK. Both of these speakers are Alumni of the Department and shared sage words that were motivational to all who attended. The current Innovators of CMP also  spoke about their research and development work. These included Dr. Legena Henry who spoke about her work in Renewable Energy and Physics, Dr. Bernd Sing whose colorful illustrations demonstrated Aperiodic Tilings, and Dr. Thomas Edward also spoke about his work in Nature Inspired Intelligence.  Dr. Curtis Gittens spoke about Accents, Vernaculars and Social Robotics and this lead us to a discussion by Dr. Carlos Hunte about his research into Advanced Physics Topics for Young Students.
We had the privilege of hosting a panel of experts in conjunction with our Campus IT Services Department and Ms. Carla Holder. Each of the panel members offered a wealth of internal and regions experience in Cybersecurity. They left the audience’s eyes wide with amazement at the role of the  Forensic Security Analysis and their Investigations of white collar crime; the matters of Data Privacy and Security; and Corporate Law and Governance to facilitate employee safety and operation in the very distributed computer systems that we all now work with.
Our students of course were a major feature of the day with postgraduate and undergraduate work on display that showed new work in the use of aquatic sensors, IoT and reused technology for Smart Cities. We also heard about the Creation of Photovoltaic Cells using Natural Dyes, Prosthetic Support Devices for Limbs, Virtual Reality for Weather Systems, Human Robotic Interaction, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and Monitoring students on Transportation Systems in Barbados. This was an array of projects and theses very relevant to the progress of our communities and Developing Countries in general.
Finally, we were privileged to have our former Dean Mr. Peter Gibbs and some of the former students of CMP, pay tribute to those who have gone before. Dean Gibbs and Alumni such as Dr. Jeffrey Elcock, told a tale of a Department that has been woven together through experiences, perseverance and the vision of those who have gone before.
We wish to thank all who participated, including those who were attendees. We also sincerely thank the FST Team for this opportunity to show the pioneering stuff that our Department is made of.  We also offer them congratulations on a well-planned and executed week of activities. We look forward to seeing you, our visitors, at our next CMP Open Day!

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