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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences

Departmental Prizes

The Graham Gooding Biology Prize

This prize consists of books or a book voucher of a value of Bds $300.00 and a commemorative scroll. It is awarded to the best student majoring in Biology with at least a B+ average.

R.L. Seale & Company Ltd Prize in Chemistry

This prize consists of a commemorative scroll and a book voucher of Bds $200.00. It is awarded to the best student (who meets the standard) on the basis of performance during the final two years of the programme.

Pfizer Caribbean Limited (PFL) Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for Introductory Genetics (BIOL1151/BL 14D) and Genetics I (BIOL2151/BL 24A). The students must have obtained the highest marks in the relevant course (Introductory Genetics or Genetics I) with at least an A- grade at their first attempt.

The value of the prize will be as follows:-

(a) books or book vouchers to a value of BDS $100 for the Introductory Genetics prize, and (b) books or book vouchers to a value of BDS $200 for the Genetics I prize.

Louis Chinnery Ecology Prize

This prize shall be available to any student registered in the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences at the Cave Hill Campus and would be awarded to a student who is eligible to graduate in the academic year in which the Prize is awarded as follows:

1. To the best student majoring in Ecology with a minimum B+.

2. The names of the winners of this Prize will be displayed on a commemorative plaque in the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus.

3. The Prize will consists of a commemorative scroll and a voucher for BDS$900.00 to be used in the purchase of books related to the Biological/Ecological/Environmental Sciences.

Previous Prize Winners
Graham Gooding
Louis Chinnery Ecology Prize
R.L. Seale & Company Ltd. - Chemistry
2015 A. Cox
A. Cox
K. Mason (St. Lucia)  
2014 J. Belgrave (Barbados) J. Belgrave (Barbados) J. Webster (Barbados)  
2013 K. Callender (Barbados)   N. Payne (Barbados)  
2012 N. Thomas (Barbados)   J. Joseph (Dominica)  
2011 J. Agard (Trinidad& Tobago)   L. Delmas (Barbados)  
2010 M. Cedeno (Trinidad& Tobago)   A. William (St. Lucia)  
2009 K. France (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)   S. Casimir (Dominica)  
2008 M. Atkins (Barbados)   W. Bain (Bahamas)  
2007 K. Richardson (UK )
M. Watson (Barbados)
  R. Harewood (Barbados)  
2005 N. Atherley (Barbados)   J. Haynes (Barbados)  
2004 M. Chase (Barbados)   L. George (Antigua) D.A. Wiltshire (BL24A)(Barbados)
S.N. Lorde (BL 14D)(Barbados)
2003 T. Clement (Barbados)   C. Walters (Barbados) S. Drakes (BL 14D)(Barbados)
S.L. Hurley (BL 14D)(Barbados)
2002 K. Baird (Barbados)   C.D. Barker (Barbados)  
2001 J.A. Forde (Barbados)   D-A.M. Bynoe (Barbados)  
2000 K.T. Blades (Barbados)   S.L. Constantine (St.Lucia)  
1999 T. Burch-Smith (St.Lucia)   T. Burch-Smith (St.Lucia)  
1998 A. Holder (Barbados)   L.D. Garner (Barbados)  
1997 M.G. Joseph (St.Lucia)   C.S.N. Charles (Grenada)  
1996 S.S. Belmar (St.Lucia)   J.C. Badenock (Barbados)  
1995 A.M. Mathias (Antigua)   K.K. Cumberbatch-King (Barbados)  
1994 B-A.A. Sandy (Grenada)   J.N. Archer (Barbados)  
1993 C.U.F.K. Hill (Antigua)   KD.D-A. Wharton (Barbados)  
1992 C.C. Browne (Antigua)      
1991 S.L. Scantlebury (Barbados)