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Winston F. Tinto


Winston F. Tinto
Title: Professor of Organic Chemistry
Department: BCS
Discipline: Chemistry
Qualifications: B.Sc (UWI) 1983 Ph.D.(UWI) 1986 C.Chem. FRSC


Teaching Areas:
Natural Products Chemistry and 2-D NMR spectroscopy.
Research: Natural Products Chemistry: The major focus of my research is the isolation, structure elucidation and chemical analysis of secondary metabolites from plants, marine invertebrates and microbes.

Microbial Biodiversity and Metabolism: The bioprospecting of sponge-associated and other marine microorganisms and their culture, to better study their production of secondary metabolites as potential antibiotics and anticancer agents.

Bioactive Natural Products: The study of secondary metabolites from functional foods to better understand their role in human nutrition and disease, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Microalgal Diversity and Physiology: A new area of research we have just started is the bioprospecting for microalgae in diverse environments, including freshwater, brackish water seawater and hot springs with the aim of identifying high-lipid producing strains. The ultimate aim is to use these microalgae to produce oils for the production of biofuels and other high-value co-products.

Clinical Organic Chemistry: Another new area of research in my group is the use of LCMS/MS and high-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study biomarkers of chronic disease in humans.

W.R. Chan, W.F. Tinto, P.S. Manchand, and L.J. Todaro (1987) Stereostructures of Geodiamolides A and B, Novel Cyclodepsipeptides from the Marine Sponge Geodia sp. Journal of Organic Chemistry 52:3091-3093.

W.F. Tinto, Lisa John, A.J. Lough, W.F.Reynolds, and S. McLean (1991) A Pseudopterane Metabolite of Pseudopterogorgia acerosa Containing an Unusually Stable Diepoxyfuran.Tetrahedron Letters 32:4661-4664.

S. McLean, W.F. Reynolds, Lisa M.D. John, and W.F. Tinto (1992) 1H and 13C Assignments of Peridinin. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 30:362-363.

W.F. Tinto, Lynn C. Blair, A.J. Lough, S. McLean, and W.F. Reynolds (1993) Determination of the Stereochemistry of Oxandran-3-one; A Novel Methyltriterpene from Oxandra asbeckii. Acta Crystallographica C 49:511-514.

W.F. Tinto, A.J. Lough, S. McLean, W.F. Reynolds, Margaret Yu, and W.R. Chan (1998) Geodiamolides H and I, Further Cyclodepsipeptides from the Marine Sponge Geodia sp. Tetrahedron 54:4451-4458.

W.F. Tinto (1998) Aaptosamine, a New 5,8-Diazabenz[cd]azulene Alkaloid from the Caribbean Sponge Aaptos aaptos. An Unprecedented Base-Catalyzed Rearrangement of 9-Demethyloxyaaptamine. Heterocycles 48:2089-2093.

Kelly I. Marville, S. McLean, W.F. Reynolds and W.F. Tinto (2003) New Cembrane Diterpenes of the Marine Octocoral Eunicea tourniforti from the Eastern Caribbean. Journal of Natural Products 66:1284-1287.

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