Faculty of Science and Technology
Shane Austin Shane Austin, Dr.

C.M. Sean Carrington C.M. Sean Carrington , Professor of Plant Biology

Angela Alleyne Angela Alleyne, Dr.

Isabelle Gouirand, Dr.

Francis B. Lopez Francis B. Lopez, Dr.

Julia Horrocks Julia Horrocks , Professor of Conservation Ecology

Bidyut Mohapatra Bidyut Mohapatra, Dr.

Marilaine Mota-Meira Marilaine Mota-Meira, Dr.

Henri Vallès Henri Vallès, Dr.

Thea Scantlebury-Manning      Thea Scantlebury-Manning , Dr.


Srinivasa Popuri
Title: Dr.
Department: BCS
Discipline: Chemistry
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Nagarjuna), M.Sc. (DAVV), Ph.D. (SVU)


Teaching Areas: Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
Research: Analysis of organic compounds and pesticides by SPME and HF-LPME, Membrane technology (Pervaporation, Gas seperation, Fuel cells) and adsorption technology.
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