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Henri Vallès


Henri Vallès
Title: Dr.
Department: BCS
Discipline: Biology
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Oviedo, Spain), M.Sc. (U.W.I, Barbados), Ph.D. (McGill, Canada), CUTL (U.W.I, Barbados)

Telephone: 246-417-4328

Teaching Areas: Population Ecology; Community Ecology; Coral Reef Ecology; Island Biogeography; Biostatistics
Biography: I have spent most of my adult life associated, in various degrees, with universities of the Caribbean, Spain and Canada. I became particularly interested in reef fish ecology during my MSc at UWI. My MSc research focused on examining patterns of reef fish larval supply using light-traps in a marine management area in the island of St Lucia. I continued that line of research during my PhD at McGill where I examined reef fish settlement using standard sampling units made of coral rubble deployed along the west coast of Barbados. This latter research provided a synoptic view of spatio-temporal patterns of settlement for various reef fishes, including parrotfishes, for which there exist little early post-settlement data. This research also focused on practical issues of sampling recently settled reef fishes and on the effects of early post-settlement processes on the population dynamics of reef fishes.
Throughout my post-graduate years, I have extensively taught or assisted in teaching courses such as General Biology, Bio-statistics, Marine Biology and Population Ecology at various institutions including the University of State of Haiti, the University of the West Indies and McGill University. I have also developed strong quantitative skills and a good understanding of a wide range of statistical tools available to ecologists.
After post-graduate school, I took a break from academia and worked as a technical advisor in Haiti for a project aimed at improving the livelihood of Haitian artisanal fishermen. This experience steered my interest toward issues more directly associated with the management of reef fisheries in developing countries and the idea of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management.
Now, back in academia, my current research has mainly focused on identifying simple indicators of the state of reef fish communities subject to fisheries exploitation in the Caribbean. I do, however, keep an eye on other aspects relevant to the ecology of coral reefs (see below).
Research: Settlement and post-settlement processes of reef organisms; Coral disease and bleaching; Reef fisheries; Ecological indicators; Lionfish invasion; Queen conch management; Quantitative methods in ecology.

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Additional Information: I have been recently closely involved in the Future of Reefs in a Changing Environment (FORCE) project. To learn more about this project, you can visit the FORCE project:
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