Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Barbados

In conjunction with Andromeda Botanic Gardens and the Barbados National Trust, the University of the West Indies offers an undergraduate course and postgraduate research opportunities in Horticulture. Facilities include the university biological laboratories and library, computer facilities, the Barbados National Herbarium housed on the UWI campus, and Andromeda Botanic Gardens. Andromeda is an eight-acre garden on the east coast of Barbados having a research and education link with UWI. Andromeda is home to approx. 600 documented and maintained tropical landscaping species and possesses standard horticultural equipment, computer, and propagation facilities. The Iris Bannochie Horticultural Library book collection is based at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus.

It should also be noted that:

Andromeda Botanic Gardens occasionally accepts interns for supervised hands-on work-study. These opportunities are negotiated and arranged on an individual basis.

The Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences offers instruction closely related to horticulture in ecology, crop ecology, plant pathology, plant physiology, conservation, biochemistry, genetics, field biology, natural resources management, introductory biology, and microbiology.

Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences
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