Faculty of Science and Technology
BSc. in Ecology

Apply to do an exciting BSc. Degree with a major or minor in Ecology at the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.


You will discover:

  • The great diversity of life on Earth and in the Caribbean;
  • The fascinating concept of evolution;
  • The captivating ways by which animals and plants interact with each other and their environments;
  • Interesting aspects of animal behaviour;
  • The close links between fishes and corals on coral reefs;
  • The serious threats to the Caribbean biodiversity;
  • The use of the scientific method and statistics to learn about the natural world;


You will need 93 credits approved by the Faculty of Science and Technology. For the major, 30 credits from Ecology (10 courses) are required. For specific details, refer to the faculty handbook.

You will do courses in:
  2. Essential of  Ecology
  3. Caribbean Island Biodiversity
  4. Biology and Ecology of Coral Reefs
  5. Behaviour: an evolutionary approach

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  1. Life of Diversity
  2. Essential of Ecology
  3. Caribbean Island Biodiversity
  4. Marine Biota
  5. Biology and Ecology of Coral Reefs
  6. Behaviour: an evolutionary approach
  7. Statistics for Ecologists

Courses  are offered in conjunction with other faculties such as Humanities & Education and Social Sciences.


If you want to advance your career as a:
  • Environemental Consultant
  • Science Teacher
  • Ecologist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Wildlife or Natural Resource Manager
  • Eco-diplomat
  • Continue on to the postgraduate programme  

Then this degree is for you!



Our Faculty does research in all areas of Ecology, with ties to animal and plant conservation, systematics, and coral reef management. Some of our model organisms include endangered sea turtles, endemic mollusks, and key groups of reef fishes such as the parrotfishes.
Our Faculty include a Pew Marine Fellow, regional experts on coral reefs, mollusks and flora.
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Enhance your learning experience by participating in:

AND Utilising our Research and teaching laboratories on campus.


Entry Requirements and How to Apply

Applications are accepted from November to February. However, expressions of interest are accepted ALL year.

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International Students

Come for a semester on Study Abroad or do a full degree in a multicultural learning environment.  Enjoy the beach, experience the culture and excel in your studies. please see our International Office website.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our Ecology Programme, please contact:

Henri Vall├ęs (Ecology Coordinator)
Email: Henri.Valles@cavehill.uwi.edu
Telephone: (246) 417-4328

We welcome local, international and regional students.

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