Faculty of Science and Technology

 Courses for Academic Year 2017-2018


Semester I

Semester II

Preliminary Year

BIOL0051 - Biology I BIOL0052 - Biology II
CHEM0615 - Preliminary Chemistry 1 CHEM0625 - Preliminary Chemistry II

Year 1

BIOL1020 - Diversity of Life I
BIOL1025 - Diversity  of Life II
BIOC1015 - Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL1030 - Introduction to Genetics
CHEM1110 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry

CHEM1120 - Introduction to Physical Chemistry
CHEM1130 - Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM1125 - Introduction to Experimental Chemistry*
ENSC1000 - Earth and its Environment ENSC1001 - Introduction to Physical Geology: Dynamic Earth

Year 2

BIOC2365 - Primary Metabolism
BIOL2166 - Advanced Genetics I
BIOL2370 - Flowering Plant Physiology
BIOL2371 - Ecophysiology of Animals
BIOL2373 - Skills for Biologists
ECOL2460 - Essentials of Ecology
ECOL2461 - Caribbean Island Biodiversity
MICR2260 - Essential Microbiology
BIOC2366 - Protein Biochemistry
BIOC2370 - Cell Signals
BIOC2371 - Molecular Techniques
BIOL2372 - Plants for Caribbean Landscapes
BIOL2373 - Skills for Biologists
ECOL2454 - Marine Biology
ECOL2462 - Marine Biota
MICR2261 - Eukaryotic Microbes
MICR2262 - Methods in Microbiology
CHEM2xxx - Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM2xxx - Intermediate Organic Chemistry
CHEM2xxx - Laboratory Methods in Chemistry I

CHEM2xxx - Intermediate Physical Chemistry
CHEM2xxx - Chemistry of the Environment
CHEM2xxx - Quantitative Chemical Analysis
CHEM2xxx - Laboratory Methods in Chemistry II
ENSC2000 - Essentials to Oceanography
ENSC2001 - Introduction to the Earth Life System
ENSC2002 - Earth’s Climate
ENSC2002 - Earth’s Climate
ENSC2003 - Sustainable Energy Systems


Final Year

BIOC3260 - Principles of Biotechnology
BIOC3265 - Principles of Bioinformatics
BIOC3370 - Basis of Human Disease
BIOC3290 - Biochemistry Project for Minors
ECOL3462 - Behaviour: An Evolutionary Approach
ECOL3463 -Tropical Crop Ecology
MICR3266 - Ecology of Microorganisms
MICR3268 - Microbial Pathogenesis

BIOC3261 - Mitochondrial Bioenergetics
BIOC3290 - Biochemistry Project for Minors
BIOL3025 - Molecular Plant Pathology
ECOL3100 - Statistics for Ecologists
ECOL3460 - Biology & Ecology of Coral Reefs
ECOL3461 - Ecology of a Changing Planet
MICR3265 - Microbiology of Food
MICR3267 - Essential Virology

BIOC3990 - Biochemistry Project*
BIOL3990 - Biology Project*
ECOL3990 - Ecology Project*
MICR3990 - Microbiology Project*
CHEM3100 - Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM3300 - Physical Chemistry II
CHEM3415 - Analytical Chemistry III
CHEM3500 - Chemistry Project
CHEM3515- Environmental Chemistry
CHEM3135 - Bio-inorganic Chemistry
CHEM3200 - Organic Chemistry II
CHEM3210 - Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM3500 - ChemistryProject
CHEM3505- Chemistry Research Project*
ENSC3000 - Climate Variation and Change ENSC3001- Natural Hazards and Disasters

ENSC3900 - Research Project in Environmental Science *

             * Year long Courses

List of courses offered during Summer 2018

N.B. Prelim and Level 1 courses are only available to repeating students who passed the practical component during the previous academic year. The practical course is not repeated.

Possible Probable
BIOC1015 - Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL0051 - Biology I
BIOL0052 - Biology II
BIOL1020 - Diversity of Life I
BIOL1025 - Diversity of Life II
BIOL1030 - Introduction to Genetics
BIOL2465 - Tropical Horticulture
BIOC3990 - Biochemistry Project
BIOL3990 - Biology Project
ECOL3990 - Ecology Project
ENSC3900 - Research Project in Environmental Science
MICR3990 - Microbiology Project
CHEM0615 - Preliminary Chemistry I
CHEM0625 - Preliminary Chemistry II
CHEM1110 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHEM1130 -Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM1120 - Introduction to Physical Chemistry

CHEM3500 - Chemistry Project
CHEM3505 - Chemistry Research Project


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