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Meet Crystal Prescod - Student and Author

Meet Crystal Prescod, a twenty year old Barbadian student in the B.Sc. Management with a Specialization in Human Resource Management programme. She is also a writer. We caught up with Crystal who has recently published her first novel, to get some details about her journey to becoming a published author.  
1. What is the name of the novel you’ve written and can you give a brief synopsis of what it is about?
The title of this Christian Romance Novel is To New Beginnings”
To New Beginnings gives new meaning to the famous saying: ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’. Chela Stanford risked it all; her relationship with her mother, her future, and most importantly, her salvation with Christ, just to be with the man she loves. However, the fairy tale doesn’t end very well.
After managing to pull herself out of one predicament, peace is short lived when she finds herself immediately wrestling with another. Just when she was smelling the coffee, it spilled, and what a mess it made.
How will Chela Stanford face this dilemma? Will she take it to her Heavenly Father in prayer, leaving it at the altar, or will she stumble through the storm alone?
2. What inspired you to write this novel?
A number of things led to the final decision of writing and actually completing a novel.
After giving my life to Christ and deciding to be fully committed to Him in 2019, I read a Christian Romance Novel by Nicole Taylor titled: The Royal Couple. The love story between the main couple and the way the author weaved Christian principles throughout the story really captured my attention and held my interest. I began to look at relationships and purity in a totally different light to what culture has shaped into the norm. Her book made me refer to my Bible a few times and the scenarios she used explained certain verses in detail.
Immediately after that, I had an overwhelming desire to share God’s word with close friends and family members. But I wasn’t sure what medium to use. And that’s when I got the inspiration to write a story, intertwining Godly principles. Then I thought of who else I wanted to impact with these stories I would create, and I decided that I really want to inspire teenagers and young adults to serve Christ. I believed that in the same way one story touched my heart, that mine would touch at least one person.
3. Is this the first piece you’ve written or have you always been interested in writing?
From as early as when I was in secondary school, I have always been interested in writing.I actually started writing a story on Wattpad in 2014, while I was in 3rd form. I had reached Chapter 4 but circumstances caused me to pause and I never returned. My parents would always compliment me on my short essays, and I remember telling them that one day I will write a book.I’ve always had a passion for creating fanciful, romantic stories and I found that when I start to write I am able to fully explain the scenes that I’m imagining and bring them to life.
4. Do you have other works as yet unpublished?
Yes, I am currently working on my second novel which I’m hoping to have published within a year.
5. How did you get your novel published? What steps did you have to take?
I used Kindle Direct Publishing which is a user friendly self-publisher’s platform. Following the detailed guidelines, I was able to upload all the necessary documents and information. These included the book cover, the word document with the novel, the book’s synopsis as well as required details about myself. 
6. How were you able to cope with the task of managing your studies along with writing the novel?
I analysed what were the most important factors in my life at the time and focused the majority of my time and energy towards those areas.  Any and all unnecessary activities were eliminated; thereby allowing myself to fully commit to what was significant.
As anyone would imagine, it was a bit hectic because creating a realistic, intriguing story that flows requires serious dedication and likewise, my education is no exception. I would say that I gave them equal attention. I took pride in both of them because my studies would shape my future while this first book would be my debut novel, portraying my talent.
7. Do you have plans for future publications?
Yes I would like to continue to write and publish. 
8. Do you have any advice for persons who may be interested in writing or publishing their work?
Be decisive and disciplined. If writing is your passion, make a conscious decision to follow through with your dream and be disciplined enough to understand that goals require commitment and consistency to be achieved.
 Be realistic. Yes, include fanciful scenarios and details that we all crave at moments. However, ensure that your story is relatable and inspiring for the most part. Leave your readers with positive memories that they will remember and can use for encouragement whenever the need arises.
9. Where can we find your novel for persons who may be interested in purchasing?
At the present moment, ‘To New Beginnings’ is only offered in E-book format and it is available on for US$2.99.