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Faculty of Social Sciences

Examination Tips and Checklist

Exam time can be stressful for many of us and during times of stress we often forget the “little” things.  To ensure exam time goes smoothly here are a few pointers designed for you from us here at U.W.I. Social Sciences.

Exam Tips – Before the Exam

Know where to find the exam timetable. You can view the exam timetable online on CHOL.

Know the name AND course code of the courses you’re taking. Some courses have similar names but the course codes are always different and knowing this information will ensure that you’re in the right exam room at the correct time on the right day.

Check every version of the exam time table posted. Check the draft timetable(s) as well as the FINAL timetable. Just because your examination date and time has never changed before does not mean it may not happen.

BE VIGILANT! The exam timetable with so many lines of information can be hard to read so using a ruler to assist in reading the exam times and dates correctly could be helpful.

Check the exam timetable yourself. Do not depend on other students to tell you when your exam is. They could be wrong!


Exams Check List – What You Need To Pack for Exam Day                                           

  • Student ID card. Please note that it must be valid.

  • Extra pens

  • Extra pencils

  • Ruler

  • Scientific calculator/Financial Calculator (if required for the course)

  • Money (Wait what?! See why below)


Arrive on Campus at least an hour before your exam. Why?


Forgot something from the exam check list above? No worries. You’ve got an hour to get it sorted.

  • Student ID card left at home? Pay for a replacement card at the cashier; take your receipt to Student Affairs, Records (for a new Student ID card).

  • No pens, pencils or calculator? Just go to the UWI Bookshop and buy what you need. 

  • Better early than never! Exam policy dictates that if you arrive more than 30 minutes late to the exam room you will not be allowed to enter. If you leave home just in time for your exam, a traffic jam or accident could cause you to be late. You do not want to take that chance so plan to be early.