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Faculty of Social Sciences

Where Can You Go For Assistance?


So you're having challenges...

Becoming a university student can be a challenging experience. Studying at an adult institution is very different from being in school. Not only is it a higher level of study but, as an adult, you may also be faced with challenges in terms of finances, your family, work, time management etc. So where can you go for help?

Our first word of advice? Know what resources are available to you.
The University has extensive resources available to all students, most of which are organized through the Office of Student Services, which you should take full advantage of. These resources not only save you money but also stress. We're going to highlight a few of the important services below and provide you with direct links to the pages with all the information. But we also encourage you to fully peruse the Student Services site for all the possible assistance and programmes available.

  • Support for Persons with Disabilities - if you'll need assistance follow the steps to register you disability with Student Services. Also learn what assistive technologies are available to you.
  • Career development - career counselling, internship opportunities and mentorship opportunities available