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Student interns
This January, the Faculty of Social Sciences welcomed its first cohort of student interns. The Faculty partnered with the Social Sciences Society to offer our students the opportunity to obtain first hand experience in the world of work through this mentee/mentor programme. Shurkim Alleyne, Raheem Riviere and Ryan Thom were attached to the Faculty Office as front desk support, data entry clerk and marketing assistant respectively. The students worked closely with Faculty Office staff and research assistant Amanda Pierce. Their tasks included assisting with student appointments, updating the Faculty's filing system, conducting marketing research, data compilation, and creating templates for Faculty events.

Our interns weighed in on their experience with the Faculty

The internship Student intern - Raheem Riviereopportunity was exceptional. It allowed me to improve my skills and critique information to ensure accuracy. Overall, it was a learning experience I would encourage others to consider taking. One thing that stood out was the staff; it was clear they valued teamwork and their willingness to assist with the completion of various tasks motivated me to undertake even more challenging aspects of the job.

- Raheem Riviere


While working with my supervisor I saw firsthand how impactful advertising selection is. I understood further the relevance of a targeted strategy and brand positioning to the public. I used my graphic design skills to complete various tasks. My research and critical analysis skills were tested and lastly the interactions with members of staff were kind and welcoming. Overall this experience was beneficial to my professional development.

- Ryan Thom

It was an absolute honour to take part in the mentorship programme in the Faculty Office. The opportunity to learn and develop various new skills as a front desk clerk along with experiencing the culture of the office was fantastic. In addition, I would like to thank the staff members who made my experience very exciting and worthwhile. Their valuable assistance throughout my development was first class and I believe everything I have learned from them will prove to be an asset in my future endeavours.

- Shurkim Alleyne

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