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Faculty of Social Sciences

Congratulations Senator Dr. Kristina Hinds

The Faculty congratulates Senator Dr. Kristina Hinds on winning this year’s Principal’s Award for Excellence. Senator Dr Hinds joined the Faculty of Social Sciences U.W.I. Cave Hill Campus in 2007 under the Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work as a Temporary Assistant Lecturer in Political Science.  She was appointed as Lecturer in 2012 and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2020.  She has served as Head in the same Department from 2021.
Research and Publications
Within the last five years, Senator Hinds has successfully published a total of twelve (12) peer‐reviewed books, book chapters and journal articles, representing more than 70 per cent of her overall scholarly output.  Highlights include:
  1. From Crisis to Crisis: Conundrums of Caribbean Existence in the Global Political Economy.
  2. Big Ideas from Small Places: Caribbean Thought for International Relations.
  3. Making amends: Towards an Antiracist Critical Security Studies and International Relations.
In the area of applied research, Senator Dr Hinds, in her capacity as Co‐Chair of the Presidential Task Force on the Global South (International Studies Association: ISA), coordinated and oversaw the conduct of research by a team of 23 scholars from all regions of the world.  This research resulted in ‘making ISA more globally representative’.
Public Service
Senator Hinds also shines brightly in her contributions in the public service domain as she does as an academic and researcher. She has served on a wide cross‐section of committees in various capacities as:
  • Executive Member and Programme Chair of the Caribbean Studies Association
  • Vice President Elect, Co‐Chair, and Committee Member within the International Studies Association
Of particular note, is her affiliation in the non‐profit sector associated with vulnerable populations.  Between 2020‐2021, Senator Hinds served as a pivotal member of the Gender Committee of the Barbados Association of Non‐Governmental Organisations which was commissioned to advance gender equality and non‐discrimination across various sectors of society. Her greatest asset, as a scholar is manifested in her ability to successfully align her public service affiliations and contributions with her research, such that several of her peer reviewed and non‐peer reviewed outputs have enhanced many of these civil society and social justice communities and associations in which she serves.
Senator Hinds has always possessed a passion for sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience about governance, gender, international relations and politics in the popular press to all type of audiences.  Since 2018, she has published at least thirteen (13) commentaries/articles with the Sunday Sun (of the Nation Newspaper) and the Barbados Today.  One of her most impactful public service contributions as a political scientist is her active participation as a political analyst on issues ranging from analyses on general elections in Barbados, Barbados’ fiscal crisis, women in Caribbean politics, to Barbados becoming a Republic.  Since 2020, Senator Hinds has also been regular moderator on the popular radio call‐in programme – Down to Brasstacks – on Starcom Network where she informs and educates the wider public on these and other politically relevant matters.
In recognition of her sterling work to the public of Barbados, Senator Hinds was appointed as an Independent Senator to the Barbados Senate from April 2022, a high‐level and well-deserved national achievement and honour for any individual whose personal and professional profile and work have been intimately concerned with the enhancement of national governance and democracy in Barbados. View Senator Dr. Hinds' staff profile»