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Faculty of Social Sciences

Research & Publications Feature

The Faculty has had an eventful year with major staff publications. Just in case you missed these book and magazine launches, catch up on the details below.

Dr. Debra D. Joseph, lecturer in Social Work in the Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology had a magazine launch on the 24th October 2019. The magazine formed part of the research output for her research on “Women Fisher Folk Barbados- A Gendered Lens” in collaboration with CERMES. The research (Parts 1 and 2) was funded by the Campus Staff Award Grant of The Department of Graduate Studies and Research, Cave Hill Campus.



Dr. Wayne Charles-Soverall, Senior Lecturer in Public Sector Management partnered with Professor Jamal Khan - former Social Sciences staff member, to co-author the book Empowering Management. These two authors delve into the major issues affecting management in the public sector and give recommendations on how to revamp public management.


Dr. Kristina Hinds, Lecturer in Political Science with the Department of Government Sociology Social Work and Psychology, examines the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and their contributions to the wider Caribbean Society in her text Civil Society Organisations, Governance and the Caribbean Community. Dr. Hinds also examines the limitations faced by CSOs with regard to their involvement in governance and makes a case for regularizing state-civil society collaborations.



Dr. Nadini Persaud, Lecturer and Dr. Dwayne Devonish, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management Studies joined up with Dr. Indeira Persaud of St. George’s University to provide a comprehensive research methods text called the Nuts and Bolts of Research Methodology: From Conceptualization to Write-Up.


For more details on these and other book publications from staff go to Staff Book Publications

Faculty Research and Publications by Department

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