M.Sc. Labour & Employment Relations


The programme examines relations between management and workers. This is an important discipline engaging the analysis of the powerful neo-liberal and global capitalism which is continually shaping the world of work and employment, and which has profound implications for work relationships. This programme examines strategic responses which can inform and lend positive support to the public sector and private sector decision-making systems with regard to national, regional and international forces which impact on or have implications for employment policy, industrial/labour relations and labour legislation. This programme in labour and employment relations will therefore seek to provide a broad understanding of a myriad of social, economic and political agendas in the Caribbean and closely examine how labour and employment issues are linked to the broad development trends in the region which are increasingly being shaped by a combination of international forces and impending arrangements for hemispheric integration.

Changes at national, regional and international levels have had a major impact on policies and practices within organizations and the wider work community, with consequential challenges especially in the area of labour and employment relations. Consequently, the M.Sc. Labour and Employment Relations degree programme has been designed to respond to these challenges by equipping persons pursuing careers in human resource management, labour and industrial relations, labour economics, trade unionism and labour research within the region, with the requisite body of knowledge and skills that enhances their capacities for coping with a broad range of challenges. Labour and employment relations is often associated with practices within unionised organizations but it is also concerned with non-unionised organizations. Relationships in both types of organizations are to a large extent increasingly dictated by government and the various regulations implemented in regard to the treatment of employees by employers. As a result of the multi-disciplinary nature required in the practice of labour and employment relations, the M.Sc. Labour and Employment Relations degree programme encompasses specializations in specifically defined categories so as to provide objectivity and an extensive array of formal training to match the practical functions of labour relations systems.


The M.Sc. Labour & Employment Relations aims to:

  • To develop a cadre of graduate students with a high level and comprehensive understanding of labour history, labour relations, and employment issues confronted in the workplace
  • To develop advanced abilities in analysis and independent work that would equip students to deal skilfully with new circumstances and issues arising in the workplace.
  • To assist students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills that would serve as tools for acquiring a greater degree of understanding and management of labour and employment relations.


The M.Sc. Labour and Employment Relations degree is geared towards shaping the workplace of the future. It is specifically designed to build upon and advance participants´ knowledge and practical experience. It prepares them for the enhancement of their careers in human resource management, labour and employment relations, labour economics and trade union or labour researchers.


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