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Faculty of Social Sciences

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Social Sciences Staff Awarded
Several Social Sciences staff were awarded at the recent Staff Awards Ceremony on December 15th, 2018. Three Social Sciences staff copped the Principal's Award for Excellence.

This year Mr. Wayne Dawe was not only awarded The Principal's Award for Excellence but also the Long Service Award for 40 years service to The U.W.I. Mr. Dawe joined the Cave Hill Campus in April 1978 and the Faculty of Social Sciences from January 1st, 1995. He has been an outstanding employee over the years, contributing significantly to the operations and efficiency of the Faculty and to the wider UWI community Read More»

Dr. Alana Griffith received The Principal's Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Dr. Griffith is a lecturer in Sociology under the Faculty's Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology. In 2004 she began tutoring at The UWI and later lectured part-time while working as a Research Officer in the Prime Minister's Office, Government of Barbados. She joined the Faculty as a full-time member in 2005 and was awarded the Best Female Lecturer in the Faculty for academic year 2005-2006 by the Social Sciences Society Read more»

Ms. Teresacita Cox was awarded the Principal's Award for Excellence for her outstanding work in the department. She has emerged as the Departmental Events Planner and one of the highlights of Ms. Cox' contribution is her leadership and management of the Department's and Faculty's African Awareness Month of Celebrations. Over the past three years she has organized over 26 events. Read more»


Long Service Awards

Mrs. Grandison-Taylor, Administrative Assistant in the Department of Economics, was  awarded for twenty years service to The UWI Read more»

Dr. Akhentoolove Corbin, Lecturer in the Department of Management Studies, was awarded for 15 years service to The UWI. To learn more about Dr. Corbin view his staff profile»