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Faculty of Social Sciences

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Make Your Requests Online
In keeping with the Campus’ Smart initiative, the Faculty of Social Sciences is going smart! All student request forms will now be available online only. Student request forms can be found on the Faculty’s Student Resources Page. Forms available online are:
  • Change of Option Request (online form)
  • Exemption Request (editable pdf)
  • Late withdrawal Request (online form)
  • Leave of Absence Request (online form)
  • Permission to Transfer Coursework (editable pdf)
  • Required to Withdraw Waiver Request (editable pdf)
  • Sixth Course Request (online form)
  • Voluntary Withdrawal Request (online form)

Please use the submit link where available on the pdf forms to submit the completed form via email. If there is no link please email to

Please make note of the deadlines for submission next to each form

Should you have any challenges submitting the online forms please email us at