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Faculty of Social Sciences

FSS Naming Ceremony

On November 27th, 2018 the University honoured one of the Faculty's stalwarts by naming the Faculty's building after him. The late Wendell McClean was one of the persons instrumental in the establishment of the Faculty as well as a former Dean of the Faculty. Members of the Faculty from throughout the years as well as University staff turned out to honour this great man and commemorate his legacy alongside his family.


Mr. Kenneth Walters    Ms. Maxine McClean    Ms. Maxine McClean 2    Unveiling    Unveiling 2    Unveiling 3    Naming Ceremony    Naming Ceremony    The McClean Family    Naming Ceremony    Naming Ceremony    Dr. Justin Robinson    Professor Eudine Barriteau    Naming Ceremony    FSS Building Naming Ceremony    Professor Sir Frank Alleyne    Professor Andrew Downes    FSS Building Naming Ceremony