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Faculty of Social Sciences

Fashion Show 2023

The African Awareness fashion show was the highlight of this year's Campus Day Exhibition held on November 3rd 2023. Just in case you missed it, view the pictures below highlighting clothing from designers, suppliers and the pupils of Deacon's Primary School.


Showcase-18    Showcase-20    Showcase-22    Showcase-23    Showcase-24    Showcase-25    Showcase-27    Showcase-29    Showcase-30    Showcase-31    Showcase-32    Showcase-33    Showcase-37    Showcase-38    Showcase-39    Showcase-40    Showcase-41    Showcase-42    Showcase-43    Showcase-44    Showcase-45    Showcase-46    Showcase-47    Showcase-48    Showcase-49    Showcase-50    Showcase-51    Showcase-52    Showcase-53    Showcase-54    Showcase-55    Showcase-57    Showcase-58    Showcase-59    Showcase-60    Showcase-63    Showcase-64    Showcase-66    Showcase-67    Showcase-69    Showcase-71    Showcase-72    Showcase-73    Showcase-75    Showcase-77    Showcase-79    Showcase-83    Showcase-84    Showcase-85    Showcase-86    Showcase-87    Showcase-88    Showcase-89    Showcase-90    Showcase-91    Showcase-92    Showcase-93    Showcase-95    Showcase-96    Showcase-98    Showcase-99    Showcase-97