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Dr. Debra Joseph cops prestigious award
Jeremy Collymore - Presenter (left), Dr. Debra Joseph, Ronald Jackson - Executive Director of CDEMA (right)
  Dr. Debra D. Joseph was the recipient of the Jeremy Collymore Award for Research in Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management for 2019.  She is a lecturer in Social Work in the Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
 The Jeremy Collymore Award for Research in Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management seeks to support innovative and insightful research for improved emergency response and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the CDEMA Participating States. The Award is presented biennially at the Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management.
 Mr. Jeremy Collymore was the first Coordinator of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) established in 1991 as the lead CARICOM regional agency for disaster emergency response coordination. One of his major pioneering achievements included championing and leading the paradigm shift of regional disaster management thinking from a response tradition to a Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) approach.
Dr. Joseph’s proposed research will look at psychosocial issues with regards to women post-hurricane Maria in Dominica. Dr. Joseph is a researcher in the areas of climate change, environmental justice and sustainability and natural disasters and has also published articles on the same topics. As can be seen, all are interlinked. These fall under the cross-cutting themes of CDEMA namely gender, climate change and environmental sustainability. These research areas also support the draft strategic plan for the period of CDEMA 2014-2024 in the area of community resilience which has been enhanced for the most vulnerable with gender concerns addressed at all stages and levels.