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Congratulations to Jacintha Freeman

Congratulations to Ms. Jacintha Freeman on receiving the Web Editor Award for 2023!

For as long as there has been an FSS website, Jacintha has been a website editor.  When the department decided to create a website, Jacintha expressed an interest in the role of website editor, and she was quickly appointed. She soon discovered that she did indeed enjoy the process of receiving unedited content and formatting and reorganising it in an easy-to-read and attractive way for website visitors. Jacintha often assisted departmental editors from within the Faculty because of her keen and vested interest in website editing and content writing.

Jacintha believes that even though the daily routine may be hectic, website visitors must receive relevant, timely, and accurate information. As such, she believes that all departments/units with a website must prioritise website updates, particularly student information.

She ensures that the FSS Faculty Office website is updated and pays special attention to the Student Resources section and Student Advisory Corner. One of her proudest achievements to date was converting all student request forms to a web format so that they are accessible and fillable online.

Jacintha started working as a temporary clerk in the faculty in 2005 and was appointed in 2009. She currently works as secretary to the Dean.  Besides being a web editor, her other duties include the annual updating of the Faculty Handbook, brochures, and other administrative duties. While working in the faculty, she completed her undergraduate degree in Management with Psychology and certification in Web and Social Media Writing for Higher Ed and Supervisory Management Skills. Ms. Freeman indulges her passion for creativity not only with the faculty’s website and publications, but also crafting crochet jewellery. She recently exhibited some of her creations at the University’s Artist(s) Within Showcase in November 2023.