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Changes to Psychology Courses
If you are pursuing the Psychology major or minor, please take note of these changes to the names of Psychology courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Education which may be part of your programme.
PSYC 1012 Introduction to Developmental Psychology PSYC 1012 Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology
PSYC 1013 Introduction to Research Methods PSYC 1013 Introduction to Psychological Research and Report Writing
PSYC 2003 Physiological Psychology PSYC 2003 Foundations of Neuropsychology
PSYC 2004 Personality Theory and Assessment 1 PSYC 2004 Personality Psychology
PSYC 2009 Learning Theory and Practice PSYC 2009 Psychology of Learning: from Theory to Practice
PSYC 2014 Statistics and Research Design II PSYC 2014 Quantitative Exploration of Psychological Experiences
PSYC 2022 Developmental Psychology: From Conception to Adolescence PSYC 2022 Psychology of Conception and Adolescence