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It's your U.W.I. email address - use it!!
Did you know that all persons who become students at the UWI are automatically given a UWI email address
The format for this email address is usually

Why should you use it?
Important notices are often sent out to the general student population via the UWI email and include information on:
  1. Scholarship opportunities
  2. Notice of class cancellations
  3. Workshops offered by the Office of Student Services which assist you with good study habits, writing resumes, other personal and academic development
  4. Competitions
  5. Events on campus
  6. Other relevant student information
Additionally, when emailing correspondence to various offices on campus, using your UWI email address can guarantee that your email will reach its intended destination without being filtered into the University’s junk email. For example, an email from will be received whereas an email from is likely to be categorized as spam by the email filter.
So use your university email. Check it often to keep abreast of what’s happening on campus.


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