Programme Structure

The Department offers only Level I of the two above programmes. After completing Level I, students go on to the Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management in the Bahamas.

*The B.Sc. Hotel Management / B.Sc. Tourism Management brochure can be printed from here


1.   ACCT1002 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
2.   ACCT1003 - Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
3.   ECON1001- Introduction to Microeconomics
4.   ECON1003 - Maths for Social Sciences I OR ECON1004 Maths for Social Sciences II
5.   ECON1005 - Introductory Statistics
6.   FOUN1008 - Rhetoric II: W riting for Special Purposes OR FOUN1001 - English for Academic Purposes
7.   FOUN1101 - Caribbean Civilisation OR FOUN1210 - Science, Medicine and Technology
8.   MGMT1000 - Introduction to Computers
9.   MGMT1001 - Introduction to Management
10. One (1) of:
      GOVT1001 - Introduction to Caribbean Politics
      PSYC1003 - Introduction to Psychology
      PSYC1004 - Introduction to Social Psychology
      SOCI 1000 - Introduction to Sociology II
      SOCI 1002 - Introduction to Sociology I

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