Programme Structure

Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Brochure for official programme information.

*The B.Sc. Management brochure can be printed from here


1.   ACCT1002 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
2.   ACCT1003 - Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
3.   ECON1001 - Introduction to Microeconomics
4.   ECON1003 - Maths for Social Sciences I OR ECON1004 - Maths for Social Sciences II
5.   ECON1005 - Introductory Statistics
6.   FOUN1008 - Rhetoric II: W riting for Special Purposes OR FOUN1001- English for Academic Purposes
7.   FOUN1101 - Caribbean Civilisation OR FOUN1210 Science, Medicine and Technology
8.   MGMT1000 - Introduction to Computers
9.   MGMT1001 - Introduction to Management
10. One (1) of:
      SOCI1000 - Introduction to Sociology II
      SOCI1002 - Introduction to Sociology I
      GOVT1001 - Introduction to Caribbean Politics
      PSYC1003 - Introduction to Psychology
      PSYC1004 - Introduction to Social Psychology


1.   MGMT2005 - Microcomputer Applications for Business
2.   MGMT2006 - Management Information Systems I
3.   MGMT2008 - Organisational Behaviour
4.   MGMT2013 - Introduction to International Business
5.   MGMT2020 - Managerial Economics
6.   MGMT2021 - Business Law I
7.   MGMT2023 - Financial Management I
8.   MGMT3017 - Human Resources Management
9.   MGMT3024 - Business Communication
10. MKTG2001 - Principles of Marketing


1.      MGMT2026 - Production and Operations Management
2.      MGMT3031 - Business Strategy and Policy
3.      MGMT3033 - Business, Government and Society
4-7.   Four (4) Management Options
8-10. Three (3) Approved Electives

Note. Students are required to select their Management Options from the cluster of courses below. Students must satisfy the prerequisites for any option before being allowed to register for it.

Management Options

ACCT2017 - Management Accounting I
ACCT3053 - International Financial Management
FINA2001 - Regulatory Environment of Banking and Finance
FINA2003 - Information Technology for Banking and Finance
FINA2005 - Risk Analysis and Management
FINA3001 - Caribbean Business Environment
FINA3005 - Bank Financial Management
FINA3008 - Advanced Portfolio Management
MGMT3011 - Management Information Systems II
MGMT3022 - Organisational Development
MGMT3037 - International Business Management
MGMT3045 - Business Law II
MGMT3049 - Financial Institutions and Markets
MGMT3056 - Project Management
MGMT3075 - Public Enterprise Management
MKTG3000 - Marketing Management
ACCT3015 - Accounting Information Systems
ACCT3039 - Management Accounting II
FINA2002 - Quantitative Methods for Banking and Finance
FINA2004 - Portfolio Management
MGMT3018 - Industrial Relations
MGMT3038 - Cross-National Management
MGMT3048 - Financial Management II
MGMT3053 - International Financial Management
MGMT3058 - New Venture Management
MGMT3076 - Managing Financial Institutions
MGMT3096 - Taxations and Tax Management
MKTG3001 - International Marketing Management
MKTG3002 - Marketing Research
MKTG3009 - Services Marketing

All of the Management options listed above may not be offered every semester. At registration, please consult the Head of Department or the Departmental Office for information about their availability.

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